- Hand sanitiser available at reception
- There are 2 additional sinks in the powder room available if the toilet is in use
- All touch points in reception, bathroom, float rooms and relaxation area including all door handles will be cleaned between customers using H2O2 solution. It is safe and effective will achieve a 99% reduction in virus and bacteria
- All waiver forms must be signed before attending class, if you forget, you can literally fill it in outside the spa before entering
- Covid-19 forms must be filled in for every in person class you attend. We just need to make sure everyone is safe
- Payment needs to be transferred before attending every class
- As adults, we’ll just use common sense: don’t clog up areas, especially if you’re waiting for the toilet
- All mats have been socially distanced
- In person classes have been reduced
- I would strong recommend using your own mat and if you do, you can remove/place your mat on top of the studio ones
- If you need to borrow the studio’s mats, please ensure that you clean it thoroughly after use with the available anti bacterial wipes
- Reduce bringing belongings into the spa
- Before in person class, please use the whole of the reception area to spread out belongings
- Take shoes off at reception and wear socks into the studio area until you’re on your mat
- Props and towels will not currently be available. If you choose to bring a towel, please ensure that you bring a bag (or anything else) that you can put the towel on top of
- For the interim, assists will be unavailable and I will stay on my mat for the whole duration of class (unless I need to go and put the music on which will be at the back!)
- Doors will stay open, especially the double doors in the studio so you might want to bring an extra layer if you get cold easily


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